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Calm Nourishing Balm

Calm Nourishing Balm


Dermadog Calm Nourishing Balm is a deeply nourishing, multipurpose balm to restore and prevent rough, dry skin on paws and noses. Also soothes skin folds, sores, dry / itchy spots, and grazes. Promotes healing. 100% natural recipe. Safe to lick.

  • Directions


    • Use a slean spatula or small spoon each time you use the balm, to avoid contamination and enhance the balm’s shelf life.

    • For very dry or sore areas, warm the pot in a bowl of hot water to soften the balm. It will spread more easily and be more readily absorbed by the skin.

    • Residue balm can be rubbed into your hands for extra soft skin (it has also been said that it’s great on lips and cracked heels)!

    Directions of use:
    Clip and clean affected area and gently massage into skin. Use as often as needed, until skin is fully restored.

  • Size


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