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No Such Thing as a Bad Dog : Why Your Dog Exhibits Unwanted Behaviour

No Such Thing as a Bad Dog : Why Your Dog Exhibits Unwanted Behaviour


Everyone thinks they have the perfect dog. But in Fenella Nicholas's experience, there is always one little thing that the owner isn't happy about. It may be that the dog barks incessantly at strangers, lunges at the hoover, chases its own shadow, eats poo, attacks small fluffy dogs or pulls dreadfully on the lead.

Whatever the problem, you can be sure that it was unwittingly created by the handler. Fenella, a qualified dog behaviourist, explains how the problem was created, how to fix it and how to maintain the results. She offers guidance from the outset on buying a new puppy, and explains why rules and boundaries are so important from the get-go.

A dog reared on affection alone, without exercise or discipline, is a disaster waiting to happen. Fenella trained using the methodology of Cesar Millan. The emphasis is on training the owner, not the dog.

By coming at every problem from the dog's point of view, and tapping into their psychology, she demonstrates how to turn a dog around. She leaves the owner with the knowledge and tools to continue the dog's rehabilitation on a daily basis. Each problem is assigned its own chapter, and is backed up by a real life case session.

The book leaves you with tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your dog. This is a book not just for the owners of problematic hounds, but for all dog owners. Don't wait for things to go wrong.

If you follow a few simple guidelines, you'll never have to hire a behaviourist

  • Additional Information

    • Paperback / softback, 224 pages
    • Publisher:Troubador Publishing
    • Imprint:Matador
    • ISBN:9781803131504
    • Published:28 May 2022
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